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46701 GANDIA Valencia) Spain
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The Agency

A digital-forward creative studio making brands live up to their full potential.


  • Hearst Tower
  • Heydar Aliyev Centre
  • AGI Architects
  • Pepe Cabrera
  • Soher
  • Statoil Headqarters
  • Studio Sanahuja

About us

We are Nakatomi, a CGI studio, comprised of a group of professionals who have come together to do what they do best: transforming architectural visions into photorealistic images.

Our team consists of talented 3D artists and architects and we firmly believe that the only way to create visualizations that speak about and for a project, is by understanding, conveying and adhering to the fundamental pillars of architecture and civil works.

Further, it is very important to us that these images tell a story about the building and its surroundings; and the way that we are able to create these images is by mixing various indispensable “Nakatomi” ingredients (as we like to call them).

Precise knowledge of: Architecture, Plans, Geometry, Construction and Technical Criteria Appreciation for Volumes and Spaces

Expertise in: Camera angle, Composition, understanding the Behavior of light, problem solving, as well as lots of imagination and creativity

Essential Spices:love for life,laughing, and having a “healthy”
obsession with CGI and photography.

We combine all of these ingredients in creative ways to yield a deliciously 3D visual experience!

Note: It is fundamental to every project that we take on to obtain our clients, as well as our “Wow!” effect .

We want to know about you! So please go ahead and contact us.